2 Days / 1 Night package

A. Tour Itinerary over 2 days includes:

Day one, start 08h30 from Penida:

    1. Kelingking Beach,
    1. Angel’s billabong
    1. Broken Beach
  1. Crystal bay

Day two ends around 14h30:

    1. Pulau Seribu / Rumah pohon
    1. Pantai Atuh
    1. Bukit Teletubies
  1. Water Spring Tembeling/Natural Pool

Note that the tour includes round trip tickets from and back to Bali, lunch and drinking water.

The meeting point is on Sanur beach at 07h00 to cross over to Nusa Penida. The tour will start at 08h30 and your return booked at 15h30 from Penida the following day.

Important: We can recommend a number of accommodation solutions based on your budget and availability but the price does not includes the night’s accommodation.

B. To book your tour

  • Find the tour package that best fit your budget
  • Please send a message (following the format below) via SMS, WhatsApp or LINE to check availability and wait for confirmation:
  1. Name: …………..
  2. Number of guests: …………..
  3. Package name: …………..
  4. Tour start date: …………..

Once we have confirmed availability and price:
• We request a 30% down payment and proof of payment sent via mail, WhatsApp photos or LINE!
• We then send you a final confirmation
• Final payment is made in cash directly with your guide, on arrival.

Its now time to share the secrets of Nusa Penida with you !!

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